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oceanicole199: "Do you have snapchat?"

yes i do, but i have a feeling that you think im jc and im not, sorry. jc used to have one and use it a lot a year or so ago but he doesnt use it anymore

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heeeey guys sorry i havent been on lately. just lots of stuff going on. how is everyone does anyone wanna chat?? im bored lol send me stuff in my ask and ill reply to all of themmm

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Anonymous: "which means the cloud of jc?"

wait what? 

if youre referring to my url its just the opposite of caylen clouds like theyre the clouds of caylen like caylen’s clouds i guess?

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i think ill make some more snapchat au memes. yall seem to love them. ill post em later :)

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uhh i made some edits that could be like an au meme of jc snapchatting you if you were dating and idk if i should post them are you guys interested??

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